Seneye sensor (import external values)


I’ve just ordered a seneye (usb) sensor to read some water values. I saw a binding for seneye, but for this, you need the seneye ‘router’ to upload the values…
I woud like to use only my OH server (local).

Wat is the best approach to pull the data from the sensor, and show (and graph) the data in OH?

Do I put the data best first into a txt file with a seperate script, or…

Get your script to publish the data over MQTT, then openHAB will catch that with the binding.

Based on you will probably need to set up which appears to be able to work without connecting to the cloud servers. It might be possible to make this work with OH directly (i.e. publish to the REST API).

Hmmm, guess I’ll try to end up with using the already existing binding.
Once it’s working again (see here)… :blush:

This way, the ‘existing’ paths are respected and supported.

ps A bit sad that I need a windows (= €/$ for license) machine with SCA (=Seney Client Application) to upload the data towards the Seneye cloud. But so be it…