Sengled remote E39-G8C

I have been using Sengled bulbs with Zigbee control without trouble.
As I was buying two more bulbs, Amazon offered a Sengled E39-G8C remote control (I bought the Philips Hue remote and it works, except for the ‘Hue’ button).
Has anybody gotten this remote working?

Sengled E1E-G7F control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT comes close and is supported by Zigbee2MQTT.
AFAICT Amazon got the model no. wrong.

I haven’t setup any MQTT yet. I’ve only done straight to Openhab’s Zigbee biding. Any chance it work with the zigbee binding directly?

I don’t know. Just try it? If it doesn’t work, return it or add Zigbee2MQTT (and MQTT) to your setup (requires an additional Zigbee coordinator) or migrate your Zigbee devices to Zigbee2MQTT (reuse your Zigbee coordinator) or search the forum for Zigbee remotes that are reported to work with the openHAB Zigbee binding.

I have Hue remotes working with the OpenHAB Zigbee binding already (except for the Hue button). But these are almost half the price of the Hue ones, hence my interest. I might just buy some and try. I can always return them.
There have been a few incredible deals on Amazon recently. I just purchased two sengled lightbulbs. I thought the hub on the box picture was to say you needed a hub. But in fact, the hub is included. Incredible for $9. Even if I don’t use the hub, just the bulb are less than half of what I used to pay for them.
I’ll see if I can use this small hub as a base for MQTT.

See Supported Adapters | Zigbee2MQTT for compatible Zigbee coordinators/adapters.

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