Sengled Snap Camera/LED

Was curious if anyone has tried to integrate the Sengled Snap camera led light? In my correspondence with Sengled, it does require cloud access. This access is free for now, but will convert to paid in the future. When that happens, they stated that you would still be able to live stream locally, but not store.

I have no interest in paying for cloud storage, and wanted to see if anyone has looked into this device yet.

Some brief googling shows there is no published API. Assuming the communication between the camera and the cloud, and between the cloud and your devices for viewing are encrypted (if not you shouldn’t use this device anyway) there is little likelihood of reverse engineering an API. Thus integration with OH (which really isn’t great at integrating cameras in the first place) is unlikely.

Thanks. That was my fear. I wouldn’t mind buying one for testing purposes, but that is a lot of dough for something that does not have a high probability of integrating.

Thanks for the input.