Sens command to amazon alexa

I have raspberry pi 4 with openhabian.
I installed the amazon account and connected to the echo dot.
I manage to run the following rule successfully :

rule "Say welcome if the door opens"
    Item Main_door changed to OPEN
    Echo_Living_Room_TTS.sendCommand('Welcome home!')

But it seems that voice commands are not working with Alexa.
I created a device name ‘Lobi’ and linked it to a switch.
The item is in the file home.items:

Switch Lobi  "Lobi"
Contact Main_door "main door"
String Echo_Living_Room_TTS                    "Text to Speech"                        (Alexa_Living_Room) {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:account1:echo1:textToSpeech"}

But I cant tell Alexa to turn the Lobi on - the Alexa says “I didn’t find the device Lobi”

Anyone know what I am missing?

Did you install the openHAB skill in the Echo Device?

Did you read the Documentation? It doesn’t sound like you did, I see no tags/metadata.

Yes I installed and yes read all that doc.
Everything is working except voice commands.
After installing the skil - the discover founds nothing.

If you have read the documentation, why is your item missing the



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As @opus mentioned you need to add tagging to the item.


Switch Lobi  "Lobi"  {alexa="Switchable"}

or you can try the v2 syntax:

Switch Lobi  "Lobi" ["Lighting"]

Thank you ver much!!!