Sensative Strips Guard 700 (11 01 021) "Unknown Device" in in OH2.5 (Openhab 2.5.8-1)


I tried to add a new Sensative Strips Guard 700 (Model 11 01 021) with the Z-Wave-Binding to Openhab (Version 2.5.8-1). However the thing is even after several manual wakeup not recognized: It’s “Online” but still “Unknown Device”.

Is this item existing in the database for OH2.5? I am a little bit confused:
a) According to this link “Things Summary - ZWave | openHAB” only the old version “11 01 011” is supported.
b) According to the New " Z-Wave Device Database" (mentioned in your article here) (OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database) this new Sensative Strips Guard 700 (11 01 021) is in the database: Sensative AB 11 01 021 Strips Guard

What is needed, that this new Sensative Strips Guard 700 (11 01 021) is recognized in my Openhab 2.5.8-1?

Thank you for your help

I think this was added after 2.5, so it’s likely not in that version unfortunately.

The only possibility would be to unpack the JAR and edit it to add the XML for this device since it’s not possible to compile this version now.

@chris : Thank you for your fast reply.
Unfortunately, updating to OH3 is currently not an option - I ordered in November 2021 a new Raspberry Pi 4 4GB for setting up / migrating to OH3. However the estimated delivery date is currently August 2022!!!

So I guess I will try the only other possibility :wink:
a) Where do I get the XML for this device (Sensative Strips Guard 700 (11 01 021))?
b) Could I just add that XML for this device to the org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json in /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb? Or which JAR do I have to unpack and edit?
c) Is my assumption correct, that I need to remove the already adding thing with “Unknown Device” and re-add it afterwards again?

Thank you for your help

The general process to add an XML (download from the Z-wave DB) to a jar in OH2 is here. IIRC the Z-wave jar in 2.5 is in your addons folder. I don’t know about your jsondb idea. I think just waking the device after the updated jar is in place will work, but not sure on that. You could try that before excluding/redadding.

If you log on to the database site, then there is a button to download the OH2 XML (it’s one of the options in the dropdown menu at the top of the device page).

No - this won’t work. The json file stores your things - not the thing types.

You need to unpack the ZWave binding JAR. Somewhere in there you will find all the XML files in a folder - probably it is in /src/main/resources/OH-INF/things or something like that - but it has moved a few times and I can’t remember if it changed for OH3. It will be obvious though.

No - there will be no need to remove and add it again.

I found on my Raspberry the ZWave binding JAR in the following directory:

a) Can I just modify that jar (while openhab is not running)?
b) Or do I have to uninstall the zwave binding through PaperUI first. Then modify that jar and the put it into the /addons Folder openHAB-sys/addons as described in the Tutorial “Modify a zwave binding jar to add/change a zwave device while waiting for a build”?
(@apella12 : Thank you for mentioning that Tutorial)
c) Do have to use the script as mentioned in this Tutorial “Zigbee and zwave manual install script” (This Tutorial is mentioned in one of the comments in the above tutorial)?

By the way, in the Zwave Binding JAR I found the XML files in the folder “ESH-INF/thing” :slight_smile:

As written in the ticket in the database, it seems, that I currently have not yet the needed access rights to download the xml-file or I am maybe just blind and don’t see the download button?

Thank you

No IIRC the script just combines some common needs. For instance when you install the binding via the addons folder you need to go into the console and feature:install openhab-transport-serial. That is automatically installed when you use the UI. Also it might do a clean-cache and an OH restart. Those are not necessary in all cases (if it doesn’t work you can do after).


I would expect that you should not modify the JAR while the system is running.

Yep - I think this would be the safest approach

Good question. In general, you never "had to’ use the script but it made life easier. I’m not 100% sure as I’ve never used it and OH2.5 was a long time ago. I’d suggest it;s worth using it if you’re unsure of what to do as probably other bundles to be installed.

@chris & @apella12 : Thank you for your help. It worked - the new Sensative Strips Guard 700 (Model 11 01 021) is now recognised and working in OH2.5!

In short what I did - in case anybody else is interested:

  1. Exported XML-Definition for desired Device (Sensative Strips Guard 700 (Model 11 01 021) form Z-Wave Device Database ( OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database)
    (you need to log-in to the database and you need to have according access rights to see and download the XML-File with “Export OH2 XML”)
  2. Modified the ZWave-Binding as described in this tutorial “Modify a zwave binding jar to add/change a zwave device while waiting for a build
    (I modified the binding jar file I found on my Raspberry in the following directory: openHAB-userdata/tmp/kar/openhab-addons-2.5.8/org/openhab/addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.zwave/2.5.8/org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.5.8.jar)
  3. Checked in Karaf with “bundle:list” which bundles are installed with the original ZWave-Binding
  4. Uninstalled the original ZWave-Binding through PaperUI and restarted Openhab / Raspberry
  5. Copied the modified org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.5.8.jar into the /addons folder (openHAB-sys/addons).
  6. Checked in Karaf with bundle:list, if and what bundles are missing compared to step 4.
    → openhab-transport-serial has been uninstalled in step 5 together with the original ZWave-Binding
  7. In Karaf installed the missing openhab-transport-serial with “feature:install -v openhab-transport-serial/2.5.0” → same version as was installed before)
  8. Restarted Openhab / Raspberry