Sense Energy Monitor

Does a binding exist to integrate the Sense Energy Monitor?
Or any kind of work started to integrate this?

I searched but couldn’t find anything.


In case anyone is still looking for this, I ended up using this python library to set up the integration into Openhab : It relies on the Sense web API (so it fetches the information via the internet, not your local network) but it still does the job nicely once set up.

Is there an OpenHab binding that I can install or does this have to run on another system @Pierre-Luc_Pelletier ?

There is no binding for this yet. You need to set up the Python script to execute on a regular basis to fetch the data you are looking for and populate items you create manually. If you are interested in setting this up, let me know and I can try to share instructions once I get back home in a day or two.

if you have any info to share on how to get the data into openhab i would be interested.