Sensibo Binding 4.2 does not work

When I add a thing (Sensibo API) the result is an empty thing.
It is online and it is possible to also add a HVAC controller but the result is the same, the thing is empty.
Best Regards, / Valter

Could you elaborate, by “empty” thing you mean

  • Configuration lost?
  • No channels?

Or something else?


Like this, no thing, no channels, no code.

I hope it is visible.

After upgrade to 4.2 I got a lot of error messages in the log do I deleted/created the things with the ”empty” result.
Now I have reverted back to 4.1 so it is no panic.

Best Regards, Valter

I downloaded 4.2.0 and reproduced the issue.

org.openhab.binding.sensibo-4.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.txt (72.8 KB)

  1. Uninstall Sensibo binding from Addon store
  2. Download the file above, remove .txt extension.
  3. Place in your addons folder



The 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT works but are missing some of the channels.
Compare the two pictures:

Best Regards, Valter

Did you try to recreate the HVAC thing?

If that does not help, please send DEBUG level logs.


I removed the things and restarted openhab (actually rebooted the linux box)
Added “Sensibo API”
Added “HVAC controller”
The HVAC controller never gets finished and is still INITIALIZING

The log:
openhab.log (33.5 KB)

Best Regards, Valter

Seems like you have configured the mac address in lowercase while the binding expects uppercase.
org.openhab.binding.sensibo-4.3.0-SNAPSHOT.txt (72.9 KB)

I’ve made a quick stab at fixing this; Try the attached jar (rename from .txt to .jar)

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Now it works :slight_smile:
I can also confirm that the previous SNAPSHOT works with mac in upper case.

I guess this will be fixed in an upcoming 4.2.* version also…

Many thanks, Valter

It has been pull requested at least :sweat_smile:

Great! Thank you so much for this fix!