Sensing outdoor light levels

I want a sensor for outdoor light levels, and I’m surprised I can’t find one.

I’m guessing that some people must be wanting similar, so how might they be doing it? Can it be done with a camera?

Any advice and info appreciated, thanks.

Are you willing to solder a bit?
Then take a BH1750
connect it to an esp8266, install espeasy firmware (or any other), operate it with a smartphone power supply or even on batteries and you are good to go.

Most are using multi-sensors from Fibaro, Aeon, Philio to have light level detection builtin.

Thanks guys.

Soldering’s not a problem if i have to, tho I’d prefer an off-the-shelf solution.

So when you say “multi-sensors” Markus, which multi-sensors?

Fibaro FGMS-001, Aeon Multisensor 6, Philio PAN04

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Thanks Markus.

Also, if you wanted a just-buy-it option, I’m using sensors. They just released a sensor that includes an ambient light sensor in it (think all their sensors also do temperature humidity and some form of motion)