Sensor readings and time static on ui

I am new to OpenHAB and have spent a few hours now learning and figuring things out. I have it displaying Temp and Humidity values coming in through MQTT and the local time. What I have not been able to get it to do is update the sensor values and time unless I refresh the browser window. So essentially the UI will sit there and unless I hit refresh on the browser it will show the sensor values and time from yesterday or whenever I last refreshed the browser. Please help.

Of note: The iOS App works as it should.

There is a known issue with OH 1.X that can cause the site map to not refresh properly. In my experience it should work most of the time so I can’t say this is your peoblem. T b e root cause of the problem has been solved in OH 2.

I’ve been following the pull requests on github, appears the fix is undergoing testing for 1.8.3.