SensorPush Binding

Hi everyone. I’ve written a new binding for SensorPush sensors, and I’m looking for people interested in testing it out. I’ve already created a PR for it, but it is marked as a work-in-progress pending additional testing.

The binding relies on the documented API for their cloud service. They’re considering creating a local API, but one is not available yet. If they do add one later, the binding is designed in such a way that I should be able to add a new bridge thing for it.

A test build of the binding is available here:

The PR, if you are interested, is on github here:

Hi Bob, I am new to openHAB and have SensorPush sensors. I want to try your binding if I can figure out how to install it.

Hi Koen. Assuming you are running openHAB 3.0 or a 3.1 development version, you should be able to just download the .jar file from the link above and put it in the addons directory on your system. That path varies depending on how you installed openhab, but if you are running on Linux it is probably /usr/share/openhab/addons or /opt/openhab/addons.

The binding is pretty simple to use, especially if you configure it through the GUI.

Draft docs are available here:

Hi Bob,

since I use openHAB for the first time, it took me some time to configure it. I have only the HT1 type because in March 2019, when they released the API, this was the only availble sensor. So cannot help you with testing the other types. Depending on the progress of implementing openHAB, I will replace my old outdoor sensor by a HTP.XW sensor.
Thanks for the great implementation.


Hi Koen. Thanks. Please let me know how it works for you and if you have any problems with it.
I’m hoping that it will be reviewed and merged in before the 3.1.0-M4 milestone build, and certainly before the 3.1.0 release.
Remember to delete the beta .jar file from your addons directory once you upgrade to a version of openHAB that includes it natively.

Hi Bob,

found one problem in HABPanel. My first idea was that the image was not available but when using the same as in Temperature , the result is the same.
I want to add a icon in front of the text but it is not displayed correctly (see screenshot). Adding a background icon is working fine.

error display icon

Issue only occurs with Humidity, Temperature is working fine. Below the configuration, I hope you can figure it out because it is put in Dutch.


Hi Bob,

I did some extra tests and have a question on the way your solution is implemented.

  • stop openhab for a day
  • restart openhab
  • wait 10 minutes
    Expected result:
  • all measurements from sensors are loaded
    Current result:
  • see only the new measurements, data of ‘outage’ openhab is not loaded from the sensors

Kind Regards,

Hi Koen. If you mean that you would like the binding to retrieve historical data to update persistence services that are missing data, there is really no way for bindings to do that in openHAB. At least as far as I’m aware. The binding only presents data from the latest sample on each channel. Any persistence service you may have configured (e.g. rrd, which is enabled by default in OH3) is responsible for collecting that data from a given item at some interval, or whenever updated, and storing it. The two don’t communicate other than through that very limited interface.

As for your question about HABPanel, I don’t use it very much myself but I’m sure that if you post a question about it in the HABPanel section of the forum you’ll get an answer pretty quickly.

Hi. I’m still waiting for the PR for this binding to be reviewed, but in the meantime I’ve created another build that should work with openHAB 3.1.0-M5 and later SNAPSHOT builds. It is unlikely to work with M4 and older builds due to breaking changes in the openHAB core.

Since SensorPush kindly lent me an HTP.xw sensor to test with, this new build also includes support for altitude-adjustment of the barometric pressure data supplied by that sensor. You can now select “station” or “meteorological” pressure reporting modes, as you can in the SensorPush app. See the updated file for more details.