Sensors for Doors outside

I have a driveway door and a garage door, both I can control via KNX and thus also via my Openhab.
However, both devices are only opened or closed with a pulse. That means I don’t get any status message from the device itself.
Now I am looking for sensors that can report me the respective status open/closed for both gates. Ideally by radio and integrable into the Openhab.
In addition, the driveway gate is exposed to the weather. So the corresponding sensor must be able to give that accordingly.
Do you have any good tips for me?

I had a quick search and came across this Door & window contact sensor transmitter KNXRF by DINUY - Ivory Egg

If you are a bit more DIY minded, then it is relatively simple to make one using a reed switch and the following link should get you started:

Making a simple door sensor from ESP8266 | John’s Tech Blog (

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