Sensors for sale?

I have some Z-wave sensors from a project that hasn’t gone anywhere. Is it permitted that I post a link to (say) ebay where I might advertise them for sale? Don’t want to break any rules. Thanks

Might pay to tell people where in the world you are, since z-wave frequencies are region specific, and people can bet in trouble if they use devices from other regions.

What a great point. Apologies. EU region

I would be interested in EU z wave sensors , for the right price :slight_smile:

Simply a #meeto

We don’t really have a great category for this in the forum but I’ve moved the post to something a little more appropriate.

This is a slippery slope kind of thing. I’m uncomfortable having posts with direct links to ebay listings and the like. It becomes really challenging to tell the difference between those and spam postings. But I think a post like “I’ve a bunch of used sensors I’m getting rid of, PM me if you are interested” would be OK.

@moderators, anyone care to express an opinion on this? I don’t want to unilaterally make a decision like this.

I understand, that’s why I checked. The sensors are not used though. Brand new and unopened. I really don’t want to upset you guys, as I’ve had a lot of help off this forum. I’ll see what the moderators say.

I’m one of the moderators so I think my suggestion of soliciting PMs is safe to do for now. If we decide to not allow it at all then you’ll be the test case that proves it’s not a good idea. :wink:

Are the sensors all battery driven or also power driven? Then information about the plug type also is neccessary.
Thanks a lot.

The HomeAutomationTrade subreddit on would be a great place to try and unload stuff too if you can’t get any interest here. Also a good place to pickup stuff too

My thoughts - I’m personally fine with it and I think it’s of use to both sellers and buyers. I do agree that it could be abused, but if we find it being abused, then let’s deal with that if/when it happens?

So far, most of the spam that’s come through has been quite obvious as it’s often not even related to home automation (at least the stuff I’ve dealt with).