Separate files for different rules, things, items

Hey guys,

I’ve been using openhab for quite a few years now and have always used text files. My question is how do other members organise things, items, rules etc? obviously I have a single file for lighting.items and another file for lighting.things, do you have lots of separate files for each or can you merge different rules, things, and items on the same files? Aplogoies if this has been covered before, I couldnt find an answer.


All rules could go in the same rules file. All Items could go in the same Items file. But you can’t have rules and Items (or Things) in the same file.

I split my rules up by the type of rules contained within: time based rules in one file, heating based rules in another, mode based rules in another. It’s not perfect as there is overlap.

For Things and Items I tend to split per ‘technology’ - I have all my Tasmota Things in a single file, all my Z-Wave Things in a single file and so on. Again, not perfect!

Ahhhhhhhhh, thanks for that. I have about 25 separate files for each. I get that you cant mix thing, rules etc.

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