Separate users for different Alexa accounts?

OH 2.5.10

I am just starting to setup the Alexa Smart Home Skill, and I do see a small problem you maybe can help me?
In my house I do have 3 different Echos each setup for a different Alexa user (Me, son and daughter).
How do I setup these devices to control the “one” OH installation, Is it via separate users?

I would assume that you require a separate amazonechocontrol account to separate the alexa devices per user. I am not sure if it is possible to run more than one account in parallel.

These are three echos connected to three separate amazon accounts. I want to grant them all access to our common OH, is that possible?

how do you used ?

  • with alexa ‘only’ ?
  • via cloud / internet access or in the local LAN only ?
  • with / without openHAB app on smartphones ?

The App is already in use for all users today only in LAN.
Of course I can access OH using my VPN connection already from outside.

So far I didn´t use and also I don´t use Alexa for OH control yet.
This I want to change now.
These Echos are connected to three different accounts.
I thought when creating three accounts for the same OH on, I can later connect these three accounts on the three different Echos/skill.
Not possible?

I would say that is not possible as I just tried to register two accounts with the same UUID.
I got this message:

UUID is already in use on another account.

Have you considered using Alexa voice profiles under one Amazon account instead of having three separate accounts?

Maybe I misunderstand your use case but i don’t see any issues here. Link your openhab system to one account. Then you have two possibilities how to continue:

  1. Use the credentials on all three alexa accounts. You need to login inside the alexa skill and can reuse the credentials.

  2. On press in the upper right section on your mail and go to users. Add a user account for all 3 members. Use the specific user account for the Alexa skill of the person

Thanks guys for your input.

And Yes @buschif4 your point 2. is that what I was looking for.
This is what I will try - seems to be the easiest approach!