Separating items within a group by colors e.g


I am using the Denon binding to control my Marantz AV Receiver like this:
Switch DenonPower “Main Power” (G_Marantz) {denon=“avr2000#PW”}
Switch DenonInputTV “Input TV” (G_Marantz) {denon=“avr2000#SITV”}
Switch DenonInputGame “Input xbox” (G_Marantz) {denon=“avr2000#SIGAME”}

Switch DenonZoneTwo                "Power - Bad"           <power>            (G_Marantz)        {denon="avr2000#Z2"}
Dimmer DenonZoneTwoVolume        "Volume - Bad[%.1f]"    <speaker>        (G_Marantz)     {denon="avr2000#Z2ZV"}
Switch DenonZoneTwoInputSource  "Input Source"            <input>            (G_Z2_Inputs)    {denon="avr2000#Z2SOURCE"}

Everything works fine, but I would like to separate the first and the second part to be more obvious.
Either by a “frame” or color highlighting.
I did not figure out how to do so, because e.g. “labelcolor” works in the sitemap, but obviously not within the group structure in the item list (see above).
Could anybody please provide a sample of separation within a group?

If you use the Group on your sitemap you have no control over how it looks or how it looks beyond what you can define at the Item level. I think the only way to do what you want is to create some new groups which combine the items you want together for viewing on your sitemap, or abandon using groups on your sitemap entirely and list each item separately.

Hi Rich,

Thanks, I tried your second suggestion (remove groups) and use multiple frames now.
Exactly what I wanted.
Again, thanks for your quick response.
Best regards, Enzio