Serial Binding REGEX 433Mhz Remote Control


i use serial binding to connect to arduino and get 433 Mhz codes.

I have a switch:

    Switch Socket_10_1 "Light"  { serial="/dev/ttyACM0@57600,ON(10;NewKaku;00ea43f6;10;ON;\n),OFF(10;NewKaku;00ea43f6;10;OFF;\n)" }  

With this i can send commands to arduino to turn on the light.

But how can i parse commands that i get from remote controller (it i turn it on not with OH, but with remote) and according to it change switch state. I think i need to use REGEX for it?
Could anyone help with it.

I get from arduino a message on serial port when i press a button on remote


Thanks a lot!

You are using RF link
Although there is a binding available, I have never used it

I use node-red with a serial node and the RF-Link nodes to pass messages to openHAB either through opneHAB nodes on via MQTT:

Thanks Vincent,

i have never used node-red, but heard a lot. Could you please post a link about manual how to install it and serial node?