Serial communication stops working (OH3)

Hello All,

Since a few weeks I updated my OpenHAB server to OH3.
With that update, I reconnected my Smart Meter (DSMR) via a inverter and voltage regulator to the serial port of my raspberry pi 3B+.

This works great, until a few days after startup.
The binding states an error: “No data received from Smart Meter” and after restarting the DSMR binding “Serial port does not exist”.

Only a restart of OpenHAB fixes the problem. And then it can run for like 4 to 7 days.
I already checked my logging and searched for problems with serial communication, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything usefull.

Thanks in advance.


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Did you check dmesg and syslog if e.g. due to problems with the serial device the device was detected under a different device id ?

I checked the syslog, but that one is only full with “DHCPDISCOVER”.
So nothing special in there.

I also looked into dmesg, and I was able to find the serial port, but I don’t know what I should see in there?

Is a new device detected around the time the communication stops ?

Not that I can see.
Searched in the last 3 syslog files for such events

Anyone else who might have an idea?

No idea by now. But I have similar problems, see here:

Comment: there is a issue for some people with Modbus binding and serial ports. It seems that when error recovery is invoked due to a transient error, the port can get locked out due to some issue in the common serial library. Might be something similar here.

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Ok, at the moment I am only using modbus TCP. Has this also an affect? Can you share some more information?

It’s nothing to do actually with using Modbus binding. I am saying that some modbus users have trouble with the serial port. Investigations there have indicated a problem with a core serial library, that is not a part of the modbus binding. I would expect other bindings that use the serial ports to also use the same library.

I already thought that it would be something with the serial library instead of the DSMR binding in this case.
So I hope the problem in the Serial library will be found and solved soon then.

Do you know which topic where this is mentioned?

There was an ongoing investigation here, but fizzled out I think

Thanks for the reply.
Seems a bit like a dead topic indeed. :frowning:

Topic moved to Github