Serial openHAB 2 No transformation service available! (bug?)


Number Septic_Level_Sensor {serial="/dev/ttyPort3,REGEX(.*?([0-9]+).*)"}


2017-02-25 16:28:10.896 [ERROR] [binding.serial.internal.SerialDevice] - No transformation service available!

I have REGEX transform installed according to paper.

Should I open this up as a bug with the 1x compatibility layer???


How does that work? :slight_smile:

My septic tank is below my leach field so there is a 2nd chamber that fills
with uh… liquids and once it reaches the level of the float of the pump,
pumps the tank down until the float is off. I have a sensor in the tank so
that I know if the pump dies and the level is too high.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

Probably yes. And it would be even better, if you could also have a fix for it at the same time :wink:

Where should I open the bug? As far as fixing it, I would love to, but I am not a programmer, however I am happy to pay someone who may be interested to do it! :wink:

This would have to go to

I have just activated BountySource on the repo, so maybe this could help :slight_smile: