Serial port multiple items

I’m trying to send commands and receive data to my Solar inverter , currently I’m using a perl script to write to mysql database.
I’m attempting to set up a bridge for the various metrics from my inverter
eg ON/OFF / kWh today, power-in/out.
however all the data is individually collected eg I send command INV ; response {on|off} KWHTODAY ={energy produced}

How do I set up a Thing and rule to collect all these items individually as I don’t want all items to be updated when I send a command for one item.

eg logically like the below

Bridge serial:serialBridge:solar [serialPort="/dev/ttyS0", baudRate=9600 ] {
    Thing serialDevice xantrex_inverter [patternMatch=".*"] {
			Type switch : inverter_status [command="INV?"]
            Type number : power_in [commandFormat="PIN?"]
            Type number : power_out [commandFormat="POUT?"]
			Type number : kwh_today [commandFormat="KWHTODAY?"]
			Type number : kwh_life  [commandFormat="KWHLIFE?"]

You can use a regex transformation to only match against the data appropriate for that Channel. For example


The first REGEX matches the whole string only if KWHTODAY is present in the String and the second REGEX extracts just the value.