Serial z-wave controller

My server is quite far from my server, does anyone know of a serial z-wave controller, or are they all USB?

I don’t have any input on a serial controller, but would use over cat5/6 be an option? They claim up to 150ft, although you may have to use a powered hub.

I can give that a try, its another building on my property and is just around 200 ft away. Does anyone know if the Leviton serial Z-Wave controller works with OpenHab? I guess I am a bit surprised that it is all USB only.

I can’t answer you questions directly, but can suggest perhaps a satellite installation of OH with a USB controller and IP connectivity back to your main server (wifi or wired) might be a plan B.

I found a USB extender that runs 200 feet, my problem now is I found out that OpenHab 1.x does NOT support two adapters and I am not sure that it makes sense to go to OpenHab 2.x yet.

With the plan B you would run a separate server on a Raspberry Pi or something in your out building with the second controller plugged in and OH installed. This Pi would be on your network somehow. This controller would connect to each of the devices in your out building.

Then you would create a proxy Item for each of the Items in your out building in your main OH. Any commands your main OH needs to send to your out building will go to these proxy Items which then get sent to the out building OH (MQTT, HTTP, etc) and likewise any data in the out buildings gets sent to the main OH.

There is a little bit of work needed to make sure you don’t end up in an infinite loop but others have made this work quite well. @watou has even mentioned that he has OH installations set up this way hundreds of miles apart.

Or even easier… If you have an network connection, use socat or similar to have serial over ip.
You can have a very simple setup on the remote side.

In a similar sort of setting where I have an Arduino with an serial USB port, which I want to share with OH.
On the remote side I plug in the USB serial port in this simple router,

When flashed with the dd-wrt firmware and selecting socat package. you can simply plug in the serial USB device and make it available over the network,

On the server side you run socat again, to make the network serial to look like a normal serial port.USB device.
To OH it looks like it is just another serial device, as if it was plugged in locally

While being an excellent approach for having the zwave controller hosted on a separate machine from the OH server, won’t really help in this case because @sipvoip needs two controllers and OH 1 dies not sorry that whether they are local or remote through social.

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