Serious 2.5 Release issues. How to troubleshoot?

I simply have no way to easily explain this one, so I made an video of it… It´s just 5 minutes, showing what happens on my system, when I install Zigbee binding, and afterwards uninstall it again…

Now, how the heck do I troubleshoot this one?
It´s on a Rpi 3b+ running latest openhab 2.5 Release. This issues started after I updated from 2.5M2 to the Release.

What is happening? Are addons reloading every minute? If so, hat has been discussed numerous times here.
You have an invalid addon configured and need to delete it so the loader does not reload addons every minute.

Nope. I have nothing in my addon.cfg file. And the dont reload all the time. It only happens when I install or uninstall the zigbee binding…
I will try with other bindings as well to see if it´s the same… But my worries are, that there are no obvious connection between Zigbee and those bindings which fails, as far as I know. And even more strange, they all return to normal after a few minutes…

The culprit file is usually addons.config in Userdata Stop OH before changing though.

Havn´t got a addons.config in my userdata

That is where OH stores its addons. I am trying to remember. I think some people found it lower in the userdata tree.

What type of install do you have?

Openhabian, hasslefree (image).

Let me check when I get home this evening. I am in the eastern US.

Found it… Its located at /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/addons.config

This is the file:


Sorry I haven’t watched the video but maybe try deleting the items, uninstalling the binding, stop OH, clean cache, restart OH and check for existing links/items that should not be there in:
/var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/ and make sure there isn’t a Link hanging around. For items check: /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.items.Item.json

Perhaps a rouge item or link??

strong text
More likely rogue I doubt a reddish hue would affect anything in OH :rofl:

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Do not underestimate the power of a reddish hue!! :laughing:

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I made you blush??

What binding? (you should have seen the video :slight_smile: ).

Done that several times, (stopped, clean cache etc).
All items are text files.

Would be almost impossible to find :frowning:

The blurred image of the logs showed me nothing useful.

I can’t see anything useful as the logs scroll by. There is just too much going on. Perhaps if you extract those lines we are supposed to be looking at to see what the problem is. Since the problem seems to be related to zwave, perhaps just extract that binding’s logs with some pointers to tell when you performed the manual actions.

It was on purpose to show everything…
When the Zigbee binding starts to install, first openhab cloud connection disconnect. After that, netamo disconnect, and then zwave disconnect. They all return online when Zigbee finished installation.
When uninstalling Zigbee, the same happen again. And again they all return online after Zigbee finished uninstall.

Blurred image?? I see it clearly… Hmm strange.

I am on a high bandwidth connection at a University too.

Have you tried installing via jar file to see what happens?