Serious issue - OH2 stopped updating the sitemap UI - Reliability issue

Hi all,
I have been running OH2 beta 4 for a while and last night (after 25/10/2016 23:07:52) it simply stopped sending the updates to the sitemaps. (tried various sitemaps, BasicUI, ClassicUI, Rotini, all were able to send command to the devices but could not receive updates from them)
So the sitemaps could send the commands to the devices, but the sitemaps were not updated from the devices. All devices (bindings) were affected so it was a general issue of OpenHAB. Manual refresh of the sitemap from the browser did not update the device status.

I classify this as a very serious issue as I was thinking that the devices were in a certain status while they actually changed in the meantime. Reliability and consistency should be the most important qualities of this system.

Example (from events.log):
> 2016-10-26 08:18:12.088 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - zdDimmer1 changed from 40 to 0
> 2016-10-26 08:18:13.382 [ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘zsLedSud’ received command ON
> 2016-10-26 08:18:13.388 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - zsLedSud changed from OFF to ON
> 2016-10-26 08:18:14.096 [ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘zsLedSud’ received command OFF
> 2016-10-26 08:18:14.102 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - zsLedSud changed from ON to OFF

All the changes above were performed from the physical device (physical push button) or from one sitemap but were not reflected in the other sitemaps UI.

After a reboot everything worked again correctly.

I attach the link to event.log and openhab.log:

From my records the freeze should have started after 25/10/2016 23:07:52, because that event change is the last that has been sent to the UI.

(Please note that Zwave NODE5 and NODE7 are disconnected and are not working, so the errors that they throw are correct).

Running OH2b4 on Raspberry Pi3.

A comment from the developers would be appreciated.


I just wanted to point something out that others might think and not say. You mentioned you’re using OH2b4, the “B” of course stands for Beta. This framework is free & open source and is built by members providing their time to contribute to the project.

Someone will definitely look at your post and help you, but keep in mind that a system in beta may not fit your expectations: [quote=“oppo1967p, post:1, topic:15766”]
Reliability and consistency should be the most important qualities of this system.

Hi Jean,
the issue is definitely serious and has been posted here because as part of the beta program I have to inform the developers about the problems that arise during the use of the application.

The fact that it’s free and open source doesn’t add anything to the discussion.
I myself contributed to enhance an existing binding and I am currently developing another binding, but just because it’s free doesn’t mean that can not be reliable.
If my report here can give a contribution in fixing a bug for the final release, than I did my job.

If you were relying on the info coming from the system you would be seriuosly worried about this problem.

Another consideration: what would be interesting to understand is if this situation happened to others or just happened to me.

Because maybe happened to others that just rebooted the server and didn’t report the problem.


Believe it or not, I share your concern, I think it was the tone of your post that baited me into posting what I did. My setup is in its infancy but I’m moving toward relying on this more and more.

If you’re trying to help the platform, stating its need for stability and reliability added no value to your post (nor is our current back and forth conversation).

If you had simply stated the facts of your issue without adding your comments on what a system’s reliability factors should or shouldn’t be I would have moved on to the next post since I clearly don’t have anything helpful I can reply.

So I apologize for being off-topic.

To answer your follow-up post, I have noticed that the HABPanel UI doesn’t always refresh my items but I’ve been tinkering with my system too much to reliably say whether the issues are caused by my tinkering or by what you’re reporting.

Don’t worry… :wink:
Apologies if my post seemed too rude… English is not my native language.

When HABPanel doesn’t update, the BasicUI does?
I also have sometimes problems with HABpanel and with Rotini, but they are solved just restarting the UI. Do yo need to restart the server to make tthings working again?


I haven’t tested enough yet. I will make a point of checking things out in the coming days though.

Unfortunately my day job gets in the way of spending all the time I want on my automation project!