Server freezes after item switch activated in web browser

So i am trying to use the HTTP binding, Here is my item config (i have removed the address of the server for privacy reasons)

Switch Light_GF_Living_OutsideLight “Outside Light” (GF_Living, Lights) {http=">[ON:POST:http://myserver.ip/api/object/Outside%%20Light/ON] >[OFF:POST:http://myserver.ip/api/object/Outside%%20Light/OFF]"}

I can successfully navigate to the item in the classic UI. However, when i flip the switch everything freezes (the UI and the server) and the only way to get the system to respond again is to close everything down.

Also the http message is never sent.

This is the last message that is displayed in the server logs before everything freezes. I have run the server in debug mode and there are no additional message displayed.

2016-05-13 10:47:22.106 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents ] - Light_GF_Living_OutsideLight received command ON

Where do i need to start looking to troubleshoot this issue

Ok so i tried using the classic UI on another computer and everything is working now. I guess this must have been an issue with using internet explorer and accessing the server from local host.

See here for problems using non webkit browsers with openhab: