Server saved panels not available on other clients

OH2: 2.2.0-1
Oracle Jave 8 build 151

I can (Apparently) save a panel to the server… On my desktop. Seems to work. Seems to save, and comes back OK after a reboot

But that panel doesn’t appear when I look from my laptop.

Both clients are Mac OS X 10.13 and using Chrome. My laptop can’t see the server saved panels, just its own locally saved one… Is there something else I have to do on the laptop to see the server saved panels?

On your laptop, on the top right corner click on “Edit dashboard”.
Go to "Advanced Settings"
Your “Current storage configuration” appears on the left hand side. Activate the name you have choosen during storage and you should be good to go.

Ahh… Thanks… Wasn’t obvious. I assumed it would appear in the list of available panels, and didn’t realise you had to go into the settings to see them.

Thats’s what the docs are for :grinning: