Services: MQTT system broker connection: Manage: Broker Host ip Input Error

Trying to use OH2.5 MQTT Binding to connect to myDevices Cloud MQTT broker and I get the following error when inputting the host url …

2020-02-12 11:01:09.331 [WARN ] [.MqttBrokerConnectionServiceInstance] - MqttBroker connection configuration faulty: ID segment ‘Device 3’ contains invalid characters. Each segment of the ID must match the pattern [A-Za-z0-9_-]*.

Tried all sorts of host input format alternatives eg … mqtt mydevices com (spaces etc) and even the equiv ip address and no joy.

What am I doing wrong? :confused:

It’s complaining about the connection name, not the server name - Device 3
Spaces are not permitted. Use an underscore.

yes … thanks for this … eventually worked that out … the ‘IP Host’ thing threw me.

And good news … it’s seems to be ‘connecting’ ok with myDevices.

Now … just need to figure how to setup MQTT Things Channels to send/receive data.

Any tips appreciated. :thinking: