In the sony addon - I have a servlet.

The class extends HttpServlet and registers itself via

httpService.registerServlet("/sony/app", this, new Hashtable<>(),httpService.createDefaultHttpContext())
httpService.registerResources("/sony", "web", localHttpService.createDefaultHttpContext());

(where httpService is the OSGI HttpService)

This worked great in OH2.4 (and prior) - I’d be able to go to “localhost:8080/sony/index.html” to see my page.

However this seems to do nothing in OH2.5 (code runs successfully - just nothing when I hit up the URL - a 404). Any thoughts?

EDIT: I suspect that the registration of the “web” resources probably isn’t correct anymore with the new build process

Nevermind - I see the spotify has the web resources under “src/main/resources/web”. I moved mine to that and it’s now working.