Session about iOT & OpenHAB in Warsaw - looking for help

Myself and few friends organize a series of sessions about DIY home automation, we will speak about IOT, OpenHAB, ESP2866 and similar topics, we already have ~40 people who signed up for the first event, and few interesting people who we want to invite.

If you have already went through OpenHAB configuration, and you are ready to tell us few words about it, please let me know :slight_smile:

info about session is here:

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Hi Miroslaw,

Sounds good! Just to be clear: You don’t feel experienced enough to talk about openHAB yourself, so you are looking for someone from the openHAB community willing to present?

Best Regards,

Hi Kai,

I’m experienced myself, but I’m not an expert in the field :slight_smile: therefore I’m looking for other people to have best possible experience during the session. We assume this is somehow self-learning group.

do you plan to be around Warsaw at that time?

Regards, Mirek

Hi Mirek,

No, I won’t be able to make it to Warsaw, but maybe we can ask some other Polish community members like @kubawolanin and @splatch for help (either by finding time themselves or by spreading the word).


I planned to submit talk to local java user group in close, but yet undefined future, so I could share knowledge to java devs living near by. :slight_smile: I still need to work more on 2.0.0 binding code to get something valuable to be shown, cause so far I just have proficiency in runtime.

I’d gladly spread a word, but won’t be able to make it too - I’m located in Cracow and currently totally swamped with dayjob :slight_smile:
Good luck with the meetup, Mirek!

Thanks a lot @Kai for your support, much appreciated,

As this is our first meet-up, it will be dedicated more about “how to do your own home automation”. so I would assume to hear more about simple stuff - how to use OpenHAB etc :slight_smile: I do not think we will get to the level of how it has been designed, etc yet not everyone would follow this up…

@splatch, @kubawolanin would you consider to join if we would simply dial you in? (I know this is not the same but I would feel much more comfortable)

Hey @miro,
I am close by so I will join you if I will find parking [yes I am lifting up PM 2.5 in Warsaw]. :wink: I am not sure yet how my March schedule will look a like. Lets talk next Wednesday to see if I will manage to be present.

@splatch you can consider taking public transportation, it’s not so far from the metro station. looking forward to see you,