Set default datetime format?

Can one somehow set OpenHAB to respect the localization options by default or change the format to something specific? OpenHAB insists on showing all dates like “2022-03-20 18:44”, but that’s not Finnish formatting; we use DD.MM.YYYY.

I know one can set metadata for the item on how they’re supposed to be displayed, but it’s idiotic to have to go through every single one, when OpenHAB should just respect the locale settings. I mean, why else even have those settings there?

I’m on openHAB 3.2.0, running under Ubuntu 21.10. Locale has been set correctly, since it works just fine in other programs. I even went and added the following to /etc/default/openhab to no effect:
KARAF_OPTS=" -Duser.language=fi"