Set item value to another item?

Hello Guys.
I wanna do some logics, if some conditions is fullfilled i wanna set a item to the value of another item:

			if (Temp_AVG_Living_Room.state < Temp_Living_SP.state as DecimalType)
			sendCommand(Heating_Living_Room, 100)		
			else {
				sendCommand(Heating_Living_Room, OFF_Heating_Living)

Where i wanna set “Heating_Living_Room”, the value from “OFF_Heating_Living)”. The items is both integers, but the Designer wanna have the value to set the item to be as a string?




sendCommand(Heating_Living_Room, OFF_Heating_Living.state.toString)

Thanks again @rlkoshak :clock9:

Just to be curious - what else can a item tell me, since you always need the .state?

Historic values, when it was last updated, summaries of historic states (max, min, avg, sum). These are only if you have persistence set up on that Item though.

If it is a Group Item you can get a list of the members of the Group, add members to the Group, and remove members from the Group.

You can send a command and post an update.