Set period of time to display in chart

I’m running the current release of OH 4.0.3 and created a chart, which should display the energy produced by my solar panels.
So i set the chart type for the beginning to “day”. This works pretty fine. I see a nice chart, which start rising at like 8AM and is at zero again before 8PM.
The rest of the day it’s obviously at 0, so it’s like wasted place in the chart. Of course i can “filter” the chart by time with the slider at the bottom, but it would be nice to have this filter set right from the beginning, when opening the chart.
Is there a way to set the beginning and ending time for the chart? No matter it’s hard coded, or using items (i have items for sunrise and sunset already for other automatic functions)

I’ve never tried to set a custom start or end time for a chart. I don’t think it’s possible. You may be able to get close to the effect that you want by setting the offset parameter for the series that you want to shift.