Set temperature of Homatic Thermostat HM-CC-RT-DN when window is open


I am currently setting up my heating rules and I am not sure how to properly handle open window temperature changes. In addition to the homematic thermostats (mentioned in the title), I also have window contacts and wall thermostats installed. They are all linked to each other directly. The handling of the open window temperature, without using openhab to handle temperatures, works finde: The window is opened, and the thermostats show that the window is open and the temperure is lowered.

I now want to switch over from using the auto-mode of the thermostats and their “build-in” schedule to a openhab controlled schedule. Now the question: Is it possible to set the “normal” temperature of the Homematic thermostats but not overwriting the lowered temperature when the window is opend? I tried using “Set Temperature”, but that seems to do exactly that.

Any suggestions how to implement this?

According to my opinion, the window open temperature and trigger works in Auto and Manual mode.

Yeah that is not my actual problem, my problem is setting the desired temperature while the window is open. To explain it a bit further take the following example:

This is what happens when I use the “Set temperature” channel:

  1. Desired temperature is set to 20 C
  2. Window is opend and thermostat reduces desired temperature to 12 C
  3. The automated schedule on openhab triggeres and changes the temperature to 22 C
  4. WIndow is closed, nothing is changed, temperature is still set to 22 C

What actually should happen:

  1. Desired temperature is set to 20 C
  2. Window is opend and thermostat reduces desired temperature to 12C
  3. The automated schedule on openhab triggers and and sets desired temperature to 22C (thermostat remains at 12C)
  4. Window is closed, desired temperature on the thermostat changes from 12C to 22C

Is it possible to implement this a simple way, or do I have to consider the window state in the rules and than execute the set temperature command delayed (when the window is closed again)?

I don’t think so. You want to do it manually, so you need to consider the window state and postpone the change in temperature manually.

I am always quite astonished about the idea to create manual heating control. The devices usually work fine using the profiles, what kind of benefits do you want to achieve by manual control?

I agree with you that the integrated schedules etc. of the thermostats work just fine in most circumstances. One part of using openhab for the heating control is out of curiosity, but it also has practical reasons. I want to be able to switch from normal auto operation of the thermostat (internal schedule) to a openhab controlled schedule so that I can do e.g. the following things:

  • Schedule heating of the bathroom in the morning depending alarm set on our android phones
  • Lower the temperatures when nobody is at home
  • Lower temperatures in rooms when nobody has been present for a certain amount of time (only relevant for some specific rooms)
  • Lower the temperatures in the evening when everyone went to bed

Sure it would be possible to maybe combine these with internal schedules of the thermostats, but I think that is rather unelegant and could result in a lot of problems.

I have a quite similar configuration. Thermostats + wall thermostats + window contact. I have coupled them via the CCU and also created a configuration with different time schedules on the CCU. This has the big advantage the everything works even if my openHAB system or the CCU is offline because the devices can communicate with each other.

In openHAB I have only configured the wall thermostat as a thing to check and manipulate the room temperature (even remote). I have some plans for specific rules but did not find the time yet. By only working with the wall thermostats It will be able to keep the rules as simpler (at least I hope so).

It is possible to switch between auto and manual operation within rules, but as far as I remember this is not very intuitive.

Maybe you can find some helpful information in these two posts

@MHerbst: This is very similar to what I try to do. I already figured out how to switch between manual- and auto-mode. As you said it is not very intuitive, but once you understood it, it is very simple.

I only did some tests, but I used item groups for the desired temperature (e.g. “Set temperature” for thermostat and wall thermostat is in one group). So when setting the temperature, I set the temperature of the group. I am not sure yet if this is the correct / best way.