Set up "2" airconditioner with alexa

Hello, I’m beginner for openhab and alexa.

Today, I would like to setup my airconditioner with alexa in openhab.

But when I try to setup two airconditioner, the one is ignored.

Here is my items.

Number Mode          "Bedroom AirConditioner Mode [%s]"               (AirConditioner)   {alexa="HeatingCoolingMode" [OFF=0,HEAT=1,COOL=2,AUTO=3]}
Number Mode          "Livingroom AirConditioner Mode [%s]"               (AirConditioner)   {alexa="HeatingCoolingMode" [OFF=0,HEAT=1,COOL=2,AUTO=3]}

What should I do?

To add that, I can’t change airconditioner’s tempereture…

Number Temperature   "Bedroom AirConditioner Temperature [%.1f °C]"   (AirConditioner)   {alexa="CurrentTemperature" [scale="Celsius"]}

If I say, “Alexa,change Bedroom AirConditioner Temperature to 17℃.”
But Alexa say, “can’t”

Yesterday, it goes well.
Nothing error hasn’t happened in log.
Plz help me…

The AirConditioner device type doesn’t support the HeatingCoolingMode attribute. You should use Thermostat instead.

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