Set up of Energenie PMS-LAN problem

Just starting out with OpenHab and especially Openhabian. I have been looking at the demo setup and done some tweaking and all looks great. I have set up an Orvibo switch and was impressed how easy it was. I decided to build on this and try and set up my Energenie PMS-LAN 4 way mains switch. I can see the the binding, and clicked to install it, and it now states that it is installed. However, it does not show up on the list of installed bindings, and I know it needs config as it has an IP address and a password. Has anyone else seen anything like this. I know the JAr file had to be added to the adons folder on the standard build, and then edit the openhab.cfg file to initialise it, but none of this seems available now. Any help or pointers gratefully received.