Setpoint always return to MinValue

Hello, I am using OH 2.5, RPI3B+
I’ve using Setpoint alot, there is no much to learn about them, but lately i’ve been working on attach them to my Air Conditioner Temperature, and it’s worked, the Setpoint updates every time I’m clicking UP/DOWN keys, but when I change AC Mode, or the System boot up, the Setpoint return to is Minimum Value, I’ve tried to , sendCommand, postUpdate.

Setpoint visibility=[Ac_modes == 4] item=ac_temp label="AC Temp [%.1f °C]" minValue=21 maxValue=30 step=1 icon=asun

Setpoint visibility=[Ac_modes == 1] item=ac_temp label="AC Temp [%.1f °C]" minValue=16 maxValue=30 step=1 icon=ac_cold1

If I switch modes, first it is not remember the last Value he had, even the fact I using Persistence, and tried to update in the rule by myself.

The only thing that I can’t brake throw is to force SetPoint Value by my self with a line of code in my Rule.
Hope you can help me and understand me.

Thank you so much for any kind of help !

Not really, and you don’t give enough details.
Check persistence config. If the value is not persisted or you don’t restore on startup, the value is NULL and the setpoint will jump to its minimum. I suspect that’s what happens.
Use smarthome:status in Karaf console to get the current value.
Depending on the type of database you use for persistence, eventually the value is not persisted (rrd4j can only persist numbers once a minute I think and “everyChange” does not work.
Use log:set debug ..... on the persistence db to see in log when it’s persisting values.
Also check the item type. If you use UnitsOfMeasurement try without.

I think that is my problem then because all other values on my script are working fine, and the Ac_Temp Value is on Everychange , how can I make it update every 1 min? I know how to make it Everyhour/day.

Configuration > System > Persistence > Mapdb
Bindings I’ve > Mapdb & InfluxDB

And about the log:set debug on the persistence, never done this before, it’s sounds like a great idea, can you link me something about it?

Your events.log entries for this Item will help you see what is happening.

But I think they don’t show if/when an entry is persisted that’s why I told hin to enable Karaf debugging.
@CiZeR properly read the docs on persistence, they tell you how to properly persist values.
(it’s simple create another strategy “everyMinute” in your .persist file).

I’ve read all persistence docks few times, I really do , but I don’t know how “EveryMinute” Will help me in this case, I want it to work with EveryChange/EveryUpdate, because what I am trying to do will not work with “EveryMinute”.
I’ll learn about Karad Debugging, but till then, do you know how to force set point value?
For example, when I’m changing A/C Mode, I want it to SetPoint at 25, even the fact I build it Min:20, Max:30, Jump: 1. I want it to be in the middle every time it’s moving any mode, I just can figure it out how to set point by my self , instead of update it evey minute.

You cannot, you would have to set the state of the Item that the setpoint widget is linked to.

You can use item.persist() in rules, too.

Hi, sorry for answering after long time, was busy at work, any way I really glad you guys trying to help, about what you say with the item.persist() in the Rule, The only thing that I most figure out is how to Link my AC_TEMP to the Setpoint Value, that will always know the value, and will NOT return is MinValue (in my case: 16, and the last temp sync was 24 for example, and still it will always return to 16)

Is this possible? Does any other way to achive my needs?

Try a Setpoint widget without any visibility= option at all, see if that works as you expect. They can be temperamental about seeing correct state after visibility changes.