Setpoint design on desktop/habdroid

Hello, I have some items which response after change value with some delay - 1 or 2 seconds. I need to use Setpoint element for them. It works very good on habdroid where you have list with values and select destination value but on html implementation I have version with one step up or down and changing value on 10 step is strange. I need to wait 1-2 seconds on every change because if I click 10 times value will be jump :frowning:

Is there any way to use other setpoint implementation ? Slider is ok but its hard to select perfect value.

Which items??

Use a mapping

Also use:

I see the same. One example.

Setpoint item=Radiator02_heatpoint label="Heizkoerperthermostat Zieltemperatur" minValue=16 maxValue=23 step=0.5 icon="temperature"

If I click on it in classicUI the value is sent to the item. (can be seen in log) But is was not immediatly changed in sitemap. If I click too fast again, the sitemap does not recognize that the value is changed. It resend the same value again and again.

If I wait some sec. then the item value is really changed and the sitemap sees this, then I can click/change the setpoint to a new value.

This can be forced by refreshing sitemap before next click, but this is not good to handle.