Setpoint in a group

Hey there,

i know this question ist more or less often discussed here but i did not find the answer that would help me.

I have the following simple sitemap:

    Frame {
        Group item=gOG label="Oben" icon="firstfloor"
        	Group item=Bad
   					Setpoint item=Heizung_OG_Bad_Soll label="Bad-Soll" step=0.5 minValue=1 maxValue=30
        	Group item=Bad
        Group item=gEG label="Erdgeschoss" icon="groundfloor"
        Group item=gKG label="Keller" icon="Cellar"

I want to have the Setpoint displayed in the Room (group) “Bad”. but the Setpoint
appears in the group “Oben”. How could i get the setpoint in the group Bad?


add { } around Setpoint item :slight_smile: