Setpoint in a sitemap

I have a problem and I’m struggling on it. I have some items to control my HVAC.
All items are into a group called gAC_Studio. I have an item called Setpoint with class Point_Setpoint and set as oh-stepper-item.
I added the whole group to my sitemap and it takes all items inside.
I can change mode, swing, and fan speed from the sitemap, but i cannot set the temperature setpoint but only show it.
There is something wrong with my setup?

Thanks a lot

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‘Group’ widget in sitemaps is very simplistic - click to expand to show all members using the default widget for that Item type.
What is your Item type?
Sitemaps take no interest in any semantics settings.

There’s nothing you can do about how sitemap Group widget presents members. If you don’t like it, you have to do it longhand by specifying the widget for each member Item.

Thank you for your answer.
The strange think i cannot understand why the selector works and why is not working the temperature.

Sitemap has no idea you want a setpoint, and don’t want just a number display like Temperature attuale

These are attributes for OH3 MainUI, and will be completely ignored by BasicUI/Sitemap.

Just FYI.

Thank you! I think it’s the only one ignored from BasicUI/Sitemap because all other things works.