Setpoint minValue not working in Sitemap

I have a Setpoint item in my sitemap like below:
Setpoint item=Bedroom_Temp_Set label=“Bedroom Temp [%.1f F]” icon=“temperature” minValue=60 maxValue=75 step=1

However, the minValue starts at 0. I could setup a rule to work around this, but I would like to know why the minValue does not function correctly. I just upgraded openhab to the latest version (It did not work on the older version either)

I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the correct direction. Thank You.

Works for me.

The sitemap widget does nothing about “enforcing” the min/max value. If your Item starts out with state 0, that’s what the sitemap will show. If you increment it, it will go up by the specified step. The minValue doesn’t take effect until the value is at or above the min.

I guess what you really want to do is initialise your Item to some sensible value.