Setpoint or charts in groups?

I am a newbie to OpenHAB.
I have a setup following the demo, with all items grouped per rooms and rooms grouped per floors. This makes it easy to write the sitemap, since one only needs to include the top-level groups (like in the demo).

Now, let’s say I have a group gBedroom with light switches and a thermometer. Is there some way to add a set-point and/or temperature chart to the screen showing the gBedroom items, either directly or at least as a text item with link to another screen?
And if not, what is the best/common way to achieve this? Do I have to give up the automatic sitemap using groups and instead write it manually (using frames and text elements)?

I had the same problem a while ago and did not find a solution for that.
I gave up automatic sitemaps and now do it all manually … no big deal.

Balls! I was looking to do the same thing… Will have to break apart my nice simple sitemap and build it up from scratch then :slight_smile:

Whats new with this problem? I want user setpoint items in my groups.

Actually it is only a missing feature. I don’t think someone has added it yet from what I read in the docs: