Setpoint with change of 0.01 not working?

For petrol prices I got an item to set target price in Euro, for example 1.19€ to get information when price is reached.

If I define in setpoint I could do fine in basic UI, but the app Shows rounder value.

For example: 1.26 is shown as 1.30, if I push lower a few times it shows 1.20 . Values between are not shown in app.

Little correction:

The price in setpoint is shown different in app (see picture)

If raising one step (configured 0.01 in Sitemap) setpoint jumps to 1.20 and slider to 1.19, in basic UI is shown 1.20

Seems to be problem with 1/100 in app as a step?

At start:

After click up:

Please raise an issue on GitHub

Already done and issue is closed

Thanks a lot. Been away from home, only Smartphone here. Otherwise I would have done.

In 2.3.5 10.004 still there. I will watch and give feedback after next TestFlight version :wink:

Just loaded last TestFlight version.

Increase and decrease 0.01 now works. But slider still shows wrong value.

Screenshots from basic UI both values the same.

In iOS slider shows value 0.01 lower

Will search bug report at github and post there too