Setpoints elements in items-file

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I want to offer a mechanism for changing the temperature of a radiator to the user. My current strategy was to use group-elements in my sitemap and this element pulls all sub-elements into the UI. Usually the setpoint-element should do this job in sitemap-files, but I want to specify this “writing”-possibility to openHAB-2 in the corresponding items-files. What are your strategies?

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Add an item:

Switch SetPointEnabled

In the sitemap, use the visibility parameter:

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I guess I need to be more precisely:
In the sitemap there should be only a group, here: Group item=ThirdFloorRadiator. All other things should be handled in the items file. In my current items file I got an entry with this:

Number:Temperature ThirdFloorRadiatorSetTemperature
(ThirdFloorRadiator, ThirdFloorRadiatorDetails)

Now I am wondering if I can add something to this Number-Entry that I can add the Setpoint-Feature and this value could be edited by the user?

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That is the wrong approach. Do not use groups in sitemaps. They seem like a nice shortcut but you can’t control the display.
Enumerate ALL the items you want displayed. And then you can use visibility options, mappings…
It seems like a lot of work but there is a lot of copying and pasting and you only have to do it once.

Groups in sitemaps are the wrong approach.


Thanks for your replies. I went for blocks instead of groups now. Anyway, currently I am displaying a group of contact-items in a chart. It seems that only works by using a group out of the box. So in that case, it really seems like a nice shortcut.

Yes for charts in you want to display several items then groups is the only way to go