Setting/Getting wakeup interval from openhab


I have Danfoss LC13 and Secure SCS317 battery zwave devices. Is there any way to configure their wakeup interval from openhab rules/sitemap instead of from habmin?

No. All configuration of zwave items must go through Habmin or OpenZwave. There is no mechanism to do this through OH.

first the question is - why you will change the wakeup from openhab rules? May be there is another solution.
second, in the description of the (Z-Wave Binding in the section “Supported Command Classes” you will find the parameter “Configuration” - possible this helps.

@rlkoshak: Whats your view of this?

I want to make from rules because I want to reconfigure all heating devices when I switch off heating, for example.

you can set the temperature for all devices:


(or to a group if all devices switch off) then your Danfoss is “OFF” becouse 4 degree is the minimum.
when you will set the wakeup before, it’s not faster becouse you have to wait for the next period the danfoss wakes up to update this parameter

I thought I remember Chris saying this isn’t well supported yet but perhaps I’m mistaken.

I already configure the temperature. What I want to change in summer is the fecuency of the wake up: if I have the heating off, I don’t need that devices awakes up every 15 minutes and I could save battery.

Ah, ok i see - so the “Supported Command Classes” can help … or HabMin.

My solution to this was to power the Danfoss over a 3V power supply

Build-In or Plug-In so i can reduce the wakeup to 60 sec. and have everytime a rapid responce to temparature-changes, window open and else.