Setting Tags and Groups

I keep getting an error when trying to set the tag or group of a Z-Wave item. If I try using the REST API to set the tag, I get Error 405: Item not editable. When I try using HABmin to set either the tag or group I get “Cannot update non-managed item”.

I’m running the latest snapshot. Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?

Are these items defined in the text files (I assume so since this is normally the reason for the “unmanaged” error). If so, then you can’t change anything about the item in the UI - it must be done in the text file.

Hi Chris, nope – these have all been added through the regular Paper UI discovery process

I tried non-Zwave items using OH2 bindings (in this case a Yamaha receiver) and I get the same error. In that case the log actually shows the error message (item is not managed), however it doesn’t have any other details to troubleshoot.

The other probability is that these are auto created items which also can’t be edited. Personally I disable this mode and create all items manually, otherwise you can’t change labels etc.

That was it Chris, thanks. I didn’t realize when you have auto linking turned on you can’t set tags and groups.

I’ve just experienced this same error. This is idiotic. What is the purpose at all of having discovery and auto adding functions if you have to disable it every time that you want to actually do anything useful. It’s so long overdue adding the ability to set tags through paper ui. Either that or dump it altogether and let’s just go back to text files


Sorry for BUMPing, but I think this can help others (like me) in the search of setting tags and groups.

I’ve been struggling with how to edit items created in Simple Mode or .items -files. I also wanted a nice list of all my items, AND be able to add tags (and groups) to them for Google Home support.

I’ve created a script so you can easily edit your items and then import them to OH again. It also allows for editing of all items in PaperUI regardless how they first got created.

HowTo: Move ALL items to JSON dB for easy editing in PaperUI and tagging for Google Home (and Alexa)