Setting Up A Greenhouse

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Hey all,
I have had openhab up and running for several years now. Expert I am not. But it has worked around the house and has been a lot of fun. I am on openhab 2 and have myopenhab setup. I use project rotini for my dashboard.

I now have a new project. I have built a fairly good sized greenhouse that I will be tower farming in. Mostly greens and herbs. I want to use IOT as much as I can in the greenhouse. So here are my questions…

  1. I have openhab running on a pi at the house. I would like to use the same install if I can for the greenhouse. The greenhouse is down the road and will be on a separate Comcast account and router. Can I connect the openhab app running at the house with the greenhouse? I would want to create separate dashboards then for home and greenhouse and have a tablet at the greenhouse that I use to run things. I just don’t know that I have the time and energy to setup another openhab.
  2. I have fans, shutters, lights, water timers, heater, that I need to run.
    a. I want to manage remotely.
    b. I want to use alexa in the greenhouse to turn things on and off.
    c. It would be cool to use alexa at the house have her tell me the temperature there, etc.
  3. I have used the sonoff’s at the house to control my hot tub but I have not done anything to connect them openhab. Not good at soldering etc. so would have to have someone help with that so would rather use a smarthub or just smart outlets to make it easy to get going. Ideas on a direction here would be great. I just don’t have a lot of time to mess with the coding work right now. The more plug and play the better.

Think that’s all I can think of right now. Thoughts on this would be most helpful! I need to keep moving fairly quickly.


Several ways to do ‘remote’ management:

  2. run openhab locally on both areas. Expose the other areas using port forwarding but PLEASE ensure you setup the password-protected reverse proxy first.
  3. MQTT or other similar communication protocol.

Since you asked for ‘the more plug and play,’ I would suggest for you. If you want to be more technical, I prefer MQTT