Setting up a password for a specific part of the sitemap?

Because I finished school a few weeks ago, I am programming my Smart Home pretty actively right now:D

I just set up the iCloud Binding.
But since everyone with access to our home wifi could possibly log in the sitemap and my current location and other things are shown there, I asked myself if it is possible to set up a password for just the page (text label=“iCloud”{…}). And because I want full access without typing in a password to all the other functions of my OH2, it is rather important that I have to type in the password only to see the iCloud-page.

Do you have any ideas?
I am thankful for every answer, thanks a lot:D

No :slight_smile:

You can implement a reverse proxy if you want to protect the access to your OH2 web interfaces.


reverse proxy + specific proxy_pass + proxy_set_header Authorization = win

Define multiple sitemap (with and without protected items)

Expose specific sitemap using proxy_pass and protect it with proxy_set_header Authorization

Expected result :
(port 81 is an example)

Increase security with SSL :wink:

Ok, thank you for your quick answer. Yesterday I went on vacation, when I am back, I’ll have a look:D

I thank you as well. Same here, I’ll take a closer look when back from vacation. :smiley: