Setting up a server visibility on Linux (Ubuntu)

I have openHAB running fine on my Linux (Ubuntu) box. The directory where my files are located is a subdirectory off of my Home directory. To access it in the browser I use the link “localhost:8080/” I have added a few things and modified a few so I know it’s working fine. Now how do I access it from a different device like my iPad or Android phone? I assume I need to share it somehow and I did install some apache server software on the Ubuntu box, but I’m lost at this point. Maybe someone could point me to some documentation. I did find this link but wow! do I need to do all that? Do I need to remove what I have done and start over again so it’s installed in a different directory? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

First thing is you need to find out the IP adress of your Linux machine and then replace localhost with that IP adress (for example

Open a Linux terminal window and type ip addr show, there you will find your actual ip adress.

To access your OH from Android I suggest using the app Habdroid.
For Apple there is also an app.

Good luck.

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OK I got the IP and it sort of worked. Meaning it worked on the browsers of all my other devices, Macbook Pro, Windows 8 desktop, iPad Chrome browser, Android phone Chrome browser, but I couldn’t get it to work in the applications on the portable devices.

Android phone using Habdroid “openHAB returned empty sitemap list”
iPad using the openHAB app “Error - Request failed: unacceptable content-type: text/html”

I did a few searches on the error but couldn’t find anything specific to openHAB except the actual Github code. If its the same code that is running on my Android phone then it appears that it is connecting to the openHAB server but the sitemap list it is getting has a zero length.

In the app go to preferences, deactivate demo mode, under openhab url put http://youripadress:8080, then choose your sitemap name and it should work.

That did it. In my defence they should change the wording to say “openHAB Server URL” At least then I would have had a clue and maybe not have put the whole thing in. Then again I probably wouldn’t have gotten it right, lol. Thanks a ton.