Setting up a TV with Google Assistant Integration

This is working. Thank you for your support.

2021-05-11 20:56:24.438 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘TV_LG_Channel’ received command 3

2021-05-11 20:56:24.439 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item ‘TV_LG_Channel’ changed from 1 to 3

So the first value is the value the item channel will receive. The second is the value for google assistant. But what is the 3rd parameter for?

I use it with new Sony TV binding. On/Off, volume, mute works fine. My next one will be input selector and channels.


The channelNumber can be used in commands and is the one that is always send to openHAB.

The channelCode is required by Google as a unique identifier.

The channelName should be a human friendly name to be used.

So I am a bit unsure why the code is used and not the name…

See Actions on Google Smart Home  |  Google Developers and Actions on Google Smart Home  |  Google Developers

Hey thanks for reporting. I am also using the Sony Binding.
How does volume mute work for you? Is it actually activating the mute switch or is it incrementally decreasing the volume to zero? At my setup it is the latter which is quite annoying. It takes quite a lot of time and it “misses” some volume down steps so that it ends at volume 5 or 6…

It is activation the mute switch:

Group    gTV       "Sony TV Zsombor"     <television>  (gFirstroom) ["Television"] { ga="TV" [ volumeDefaultPercentage="20", levelStepSize="10", volumeMaxLevel="100", transportControlSupportedCommands="NEXT,PREVIOUS,PAUSE,RESUME", availableInputs="hdmi1=xbox,hdmi2=settopbox", availableChannels="1=Channel1=NBC,2=Channel2=CBS", roomHint="Zsombor room" ] }
Switch              SONYKD49XH9505AudioMuteSpeaker                                 "Mute speaker"      (gTV)  ["Switch"]                {channel="sony:scalar:d43a2af79a30:audio#mute-speaker", ga="tvMute" }