Setting up OH2 and homeKit


I’m playing with openHAB 2 and, in particular, with its integrated homeKit plugin but I’m unable to get it to work. I haven’t found a good tutorial on how to fully set it up…
Let me explain what I have done/archived:

  • I was able to add my Zwave items through Paper UI and they work correctly
  • I was able to install the homeKit plugin and testing with my smartphone and EVE app it works
  • I was able to go Habmin / Configuration / Things / “mything” / Channels and create a new item and link it to the “switch” channel. When creating it I wasn’t able to add TAG nor GROUP but I have detected that once created I was able to edit it and apply the TAG

So, I’m still not able to create the GROUP nor make it visible into the EVE app (I have tried to delete accesories and do it again… they are not showing)

I have tried to add items manually with a name.items file inside /items/ folder and they are correctly added inside OH2 and they even are shown inside EVE app but they do not respond… I mean, they are not “linked” to the things…

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I could not find documentation about how to correctly set it up


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I finally got it working, the correct way to do it is:

  1. add your devices/things with Paper UI, really easy!
  2. create manually new items for homekit with a text file calling it xxx.items and placing it into /conf/items/ folder. Follow these instructions
    3: go to Habmin / Configuration / Items and just check that your manually created items are listed and have the correct TAB and GROUP
  3. then go to Habmin / Configuration / Things and select the thing you already created with Paper UI. Then open its channels, select the one you want to link (normally the switch channel) and what do you need to do now is press the button link channel to an existing item and select the item you created manually
  4. Done!

Working like a charm =D

PS - So, what I think is still missing on the Habmin editor is the option to set GROUP (TAG field works but if you edit it after creating the link…)


Hello @pablogil, thanks for this nice guide. I’ll move it over to the “Examples & Tutorials” category.
Additionally I’ve corrected your link to the instructions found in the official docs.

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The page is no longer accessible. Do you know where it went? I’m having trouble knowing what to put into the config on the binding in OH2.

Isabella, thanks for making me aware of this error in the documentation. We’ve moved a few things around and this seems to be an issue we will correct shortly.
Please go with this link for now:

Hi! i am trying to link the paper ui items to the ones i manually created but i cant see the option “link channel to an existing item” … did the layout change?
thank you