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I would just like to ask if there’s more documentation as to what the consolidationfunction, xff, steps, and rows mean or what I should be looking to write when managing my .cfg file. I’ve looked at some documentation on rrd4j documentation and I’m struggling to understand as to what they’re meant for.


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If you scroll further down the page in the wiki you should find what you are looking for:

I was on the same search a while ago. With all the knowledge I could come up with I tried to put some explanation on the above mentioned link. If you have more detailed questions I’m ready to answer.
It would help if you tell us what you are teying to persist.

I’m confused as to what the “consolidationfunction” , “xff” , “steps” , and “rows” mean or what I have to write down. I’ve looked at some documentation online and can’t seem to figure it out.

RRD4J will compose out of STEPS values one entry into the database, the consolidation function will setup the way in which this is done (i.e. Max takes the maximum value within those STEPS values, the other functions are aswell obvious)
(not sure on this one, sorry) Here is a text copied from a RRD4J -Tutorial
"xfiles factor : the ratio of allowed “UNKNOWN” PDP’s to the stepsnumber of PDP’s. If the number of “UNKNOWN” PDP’s in a givenconsolidation interval is greater than xff multiplied with stepsnumber of PDP’s the CDP will get the value “UNKNOWN”. If it issmaller, the “UNKNOWN” PDP’s will be ignored."
RRD4J is reading a value after each STEP time (in seconds, set as last value in .def). STEPS number of those readings are composed into one database entry.
Number of database entries. The time covered by this archive can be calculated by StepStepsRows (in seconds).

In hope that helps.

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Thank you, this helps greatly! :slight_smile: