Setting up smart lighting


I am just starting out with home automation. I plan to do 1 room at a time as I refinish them. I am looking at different switch options to control the lights. I cant seem to find which ones are compatible with openhab. Can I use Lutron caseta switches, and would I need to buy the hub still?

Hi Nathan (@twitchy88). As far as I know, yes, the Lutron binding does support Caseta switches, and yes, you do need to buy the Caseta Hub Pro as a bridge between OpenHAB and the Caseta switches. I don’t use Caseta switches myself, I chose to go with Lutron RadioRA 2 devices, which are working very well with the latest Lutron binding. You should read the binding documentation (and here) for more information.

You may get more responses if you add the lutron and binding tags to this topic.

Ok thank you. Where do I find out what other types of switches I can use?

I can’t think of a simple search of this forum that will satisfactorily narrow your search to switches that control a standard, wired light circuit (at least, I assume that is what you a looking for.) There are numerous Z-Wave devices that provide that functionality. Also, there are some recently introduced switching and dimming devices that communicate with OH over WiFi. There may be some ZigBee devices that meet your requirements, although I’m not personally familiar with them. Insteon and Enocean are some other choices about which I know next to nothing.

Did you consider a smart switch like a Shelly? This goes behind your standard switch, hence the standard switch remains operational, but you can also switch it from OH2. They are small enough to fit into a regular box just behind your regular switch. They connect to your WIFI and you can have them run natively local over MQTT (no could connection) if this is a concern.